Small Groups for 2019

Bryan & Linda Lund Life Group— meeting on Sundays (after the service) in the kitchen area. This Life Group will be studying the book of Colossians.
Phone: (507) 227-6528

Rachel Sheldahl will be leading a Women’s Small Group in her home on Sunday evenings at 6:30 pm, beginning February 10. The book, “Growing Strong in God’s Family” focuses on a closer relationship with God, a keener sense of priorities, renewed concern for unbelievers, and growing relationships with other women.  Cost of the book is $15.
Phone: 507-525-4159

Amanda DeYounge leads an online, video Bible Study on Mondays at noon. “Vine Time” is for those looking to grow in spiritual strength and increase eternal impact in the marketplace today. The videos are recorded if Mondays at noon are not ideal for you.
Phone: 218-205-1923

Omot Life Group - Meets Monday nights at 7:00 pm in their home.
Phone: 651-890-6909

Mark & Janet Isder - meeting in the Family Room at church, every Tuesday night at 6:30 pm. The group will be reading, discussing and working through “42 Seconds” by Carl Madeiras. This book helps ordinary Jesus followers learn how to both speak and become Good News to the people around them. Please contact the Isders for more information.
Phone: 507-828-6583

Wednesday Night Life Group - meeting on Wednesday evenings at 6:00 pm following the family meal at 5:30 pm. Led by Pastor Scott Barber.
Phone: (507) 350-0051

Kale & Kourtney Leuthold - the Leutholds host a small group in their home every Friday night at 7:00 pm. The group is currently focusing on the book of Psalms, as well as personal testimonies and getting to know one another. Please contact Kale or Kourtney for more information.
Kale Mobile: 507-227-3343
Kourtney Mobile: 507-227-2036

Art of Parenting Small Group - Meeting once a month on Sundays after the service. Find more details by CLICKING THIS LINK

Fulda Men’s Accountability – Meets Thursdays at 7:00 am at Antonio’s in Fulda

Worthington Men’s Accountability – Meets Fridays at 6:30 am at Hy-Vee Café in Worthington