24 hours of prayer

May 19 - 20, 2018

Choose one hour slot or more as a family, individual, couple, or with a friend. Set aside this time to pray for the family(s) listed that are part of the Grace Body. There are Scriptures to help guide you or to pray through for these families. Just because you signed up for an hour does not mean you have to pray for an hour but allow yourself to be stretched. Limit of 3 people or groups per slot. Lets fill up all 24 hours and cover our church family with prayer

Prayer ideas

Below are listed some ideas to help guide you as you spend your time in prayer and the names of Grace families and ministries to be praying for. I challenge to be praying for families you do not know as well and encourage you to reach to the family for more specific ways to pray.

Before you pray ask God to help you to pray. (Romans 8:26) The Holy Spirit within you will guide you in what and how to pray.

Grace Families: Parenting struggles, peace over their homes, strength in marriage, wisdom in parenting, children and grandchildren to know God, physical safety, children’s future, financial wisdom and surrender,

Grace Body: Leadership, Pastors, Christ to be glorified, Wednesday nights, Sunday Mornings, church plant, Future

Time slots that have been chosen will be displayed below. Times that are available are not displayed.